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Alghero Ramblas An ideal city, rich in history and culture.


Alghero – Catalan city

Alghero is a fortified city that faces out to sea. Its name derives from the deposits of algae that accumulate along the coast.

Alghero was founded on a small Sardinian peninsula in the early 12th century by the Genoese Doria family with a view to creating a landing place in a strategic position in the centre of the Western Mediterranean. It was subsequently conquered by the Catalan-Aragonese on 31 August 1353.
In 1354, Alghero – called "Alguer" by the Catalans – was repopulated by people from various parts of Catalonia, who retained the language and traditions of their local area and of Spain as a whole.
The monuments, churches, towers and bastions, aristocratic palazzos, narrow cobbled streets and bell towers all retain the unmistakable "Catalan-Gothic" style. The Catalans call Alghero "Barceloneta" (Little Barcelona), thanks to its coastline, history and hospitality, which have made it a tourist hotspot for the past 200 years. No other city in Sardinia has so many traditions, and no other city can rival its potential for tourism.
The coasts that surround Alghero extend for a total of 80 km, alternating between evocative, rocky shores and beaches of the finest white sand.