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Alghero Ramblas A holiday in the historical city, in sight of the sea .


Alghero city

Inhabited since the Neolithic period, Alghero benefits from a highly strategic position, serving as a natural harbour for those heading across from Spain. Over the years, the city was dominated alternatively by the Catalans and the Genoese, until in 1354 the Catalans settled definitively, replacing the ancient inhabitants. The influence of the Catalans is still discernible today in the city's architecture and culture. The modern districts are just a short walk from the wonderful period sandstone houses.

Alghero's culinary specialities are for the most part based on fish. One of the most delicious of these is "aragosta alla catalana" (Catalan-style lobster), which is the city's most typical dish. Equally mouthwatering are the local sea urchins, to which a major feast held on a weekend early in the year – "la sagra del Bogamarì" – is dedicated.

The craft industries of the renowned "Riviera del Corallo" (Coral Riviera) concentrate on the working of the local red coral in the traditional workshops of the historical centre. The coral is so symbolic of the city that it has featured in the city's coat-of-arms since the 14th century.