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Alghero Ramblas The most beautiful beaches on Sardinia, offering fine white sand.


Beaches and surrounding area

Most of the beaches are easy to reach from the city centre, including the San Giovanni Lido and Maria Pia beaches (both within walking distance) or the more renowned and slightly more distant Bombarde, Lazzaretto and Mugoni beaches. Also unmissable are the bay of Porto Conte, dominated by Capo Caccia, Punta Cristallo and the fascinating Grotte di Nettuno (Neptune's Caves), which can be reached after a descent down the 700 steps of the "Scala del Cabiròl" (Roe Deer's Staircase).
Arca di Noè (Noah's Ark)
The State-owned forest of Porto Conte – better known as the Arca di Noè (or Noah's Ark) – is a nature reserve that is being repopulated with native species of animals. It is the ideal place for lovers of trekking and natural history.

The nuragic complex of Palmavera (15th – 8th century B.C.) is situated at the feet of the mountain from which it takes its name, around 8 km from Alghero along the road towards Porto Conte. It is formed by a central section constituted by two towers surrounded by a defensive wall, a meeting hut and a village composed of 50 mostly circular huts. On the basis of the remains uncovered and an examination of the structures themselves, it appears that the complex encompasses three different building phases, reflecting three distinct cultures.

Anghelu Ruju
Surrounded by vineyards, the hypogeic necropolis of Anghelu Ruju is located just outside the city and is composed of around 40 linked tombs carved into the soft Nurra limestone. The Anghelu Ruju tombs represent one of the most important complexes of domus de janas (fairy houses or witch houses) on the island, and indeed the site is one of the most important of its type in the Mediterranean.